Whole Body Cryotherapy

First, I will start close to home. I have access to a Cryotherapy Nitrogen Chamber and I plan to test it out. I have used it in the past for injury recovery and mood elevation but never seriously tested its weight loss claims.

Exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures for short periods of time caused the body to stimulate the Hypothermic Response. The survival mechanism produces large amounts of endorphins and raises metabolism to burn 500 to 800 calories within 5 to 8 hours of the treatment. A more detailed description is available at this link:

I plan to do 4 treatments per week for 6 weeks and see how I do. I am not changing anything else. I will continue the usual diet and activity level and take measurements and pictures for confirmation.

Any where from -120 C to -196 C (-325 F) is pretty chilly; wish me luck!